You’ll Never Guess The ONE SIMPLE Rule Prince Had In His House- Parents Will LOVE This One!

I’m an 80’s child…so I know Prince, however, when it comes to house rules, this is one I would have NEVER guessed…not in a million years. It’s simple, but sweet…and super surprising!

While the late singer Prince may have had some raunchy lyrics, in real life, he was apparently quite conservative. Bass player Tommy Black explained Prince’s rules when people visited his house.

From Rare:

“‘We will order you food, but this is a meat-free building,’” he recalled a security guard telling him in US Weekly.

“If you want meat, you have to eat it on the bus. Also, no curse words. If you do, it’s $20 each curse word.”

Black recalls that while he was there, singer Nikki Costa broke the “no cursing” rule and quickly learned how serious it was.

“The best part, she told me, was she slipped and cursed again,” Black explains.

“And Prince says, ‘That’s $40.’ So, she wrote him a note that said, ‘Here’s your f–king $40,’ and put $60 in the envelope!”

The man might have made love to his guitars on stage…to put it in a clean way, but knowing that he liked clean non-offensive language…makes me smile.

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