Old Fashioned Tips That Will Wow A Man On A Date!

There are many articles out there about how men are not as chivilrous as they used to be, and in many cases this is certainly true. But for some reason, I don’t seem to see many articles floating around about how woman are behaving differently today as well. Most women want a man that treats them like a lady, but they are not sure how to act like one themselves, and fail to treat a man like a man. Many of us, men and women alike, have forgotten the age old saying that you must give respect to get it.

Here is a very solid list of tips for women of any age to try if you would like to ensure your date has a wonderful time with you. Some modern feminists may have their undies in a bunch over this – but in reality, these are just a few ways you can show your date common courtesy and respect.romance


1.) Tip number one: Accurately resemble the woman that you’ve said you are! It is sad that this needs to be said, but don’t falsely advertise yourself. Don’t take your pictures in lighting and angles that are extremely flattering, but that do not give an accurate representation of what you genuinely look like in person. It’s never wise to try to start off any kind of relationship in a dishonest way.

2.) Be on time for a date. If you are going to be running late, even by five minutes, have the courtesy to pick up the phone and call them to inform them ahead of time.

3.) Put some effort into your appearance. You aren’t catching lunch with one of your girl friends – you are going out on a date with a man who could potentially one day be the greatest love of your life, so why not make a beautiful impression?  Many of today’s millenials sadly show up for a date in jeans, a ‘nice top’, and her worn out Vans. Why not be a fresh breath of air for a man instead by slipping on a flirty sundress or a classy skirt with a nice blouse?

There is no need to go over the top, but if you take the time and effort to make sure your nails are well manicured, put on a little lipstick, mascara, and a pair of earrings, spritz on a little perfume, and dress like a lady, that effort usually goes a long way. The majority of men do not think a woman who takes time on her appearence is trying too hard – they see a woman who is not lazy or sloppy and takes pride in herself, and they appreciate it.

4.) When meeting a gentleman for the first time in public, always greet him warmly with a quick hug and a peck on the cheek if you are comfortable doing so. I have heard many men say that they find it quite embarrassing if a date tries to greet them with a handshake or no physical touch at all.

5.) Always remember your manners and never develop an entitled attitude. Never forget to thank a man for his kindness – when he opens a door for you, when he pays for anything, when he picks you up and drives you home, if he gives you his coat to keep you warm, always, always show appreciation and gratitude. Never underestimate the power of the old magic words – ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

6.) Make it clear that he is on a date with a lady, not one of his fellow buddies by practicing feminine body language. Keep your legs together or crossed, keep your elbows off the table, and try not to slouch – keep your spine straight and your shoulders back. Take smaller bites of food and chew with your mouth closed.hqdefault

7.) Be mindful of the volume of his voice – and yours – when speaking. Some women naturally have a louder voice than others that tends to carry, and if the entire restaurant can hear every word that is coming out of your mouth, it can be a bit embarrassing for your date. Use your inside voice!

8.) When your waiter or waitress comes forth to take your order, don’t immediately grab the reighns and start ordering. First, look to your date, make eye contact with him to ensure that he is ready to order too, and then when he gives you the nod or some other type of cue that he is ready for you to start, then proceed. This is simply a sign of respect.

9.) Be a good sport. If something doesn’t go as planned durring your date, be the type of gal that is able to go with the flow. This does not mean compromising your standards, but being negative or too high maintenence is never an attractive quality. The best people to be around can find humor in undesirable situations and they are good at Plan B!

10.) Be the type of conversationalist that someone wants to converse with. When he is talking, don’t interrupt him or cut him off before he is finished speaking. Many people do this often without even realizing they do it. If he is talking about his work, family, or one of his hobbies, take a genuine interest. Make eye contact, smile, have welcoming body language, and let him know you are paying attention.

Ask him some questions and take an interest in him.  Make sure you have some interesting topics to bring to the table as well, whether you talk about your hobbies, your latest road trip, politics, or a unique passion of yours.

11.) Regardless of the year being 2016, it is still considered by many to be quite rude to pull out your cell phone while you are on a date with someone, unless you know them well and have already been dating for a while. Unless something urgent has come up, strive to be a courteous date that has the old fashioned class to turn off your phone off and give your full attention to the one sitting in front of you.

12.) When it comes to paying for things, always offer to pay for your half, but if he wants to pay and offers, don’t try to argue with him. Thank him kindly and let him know you’ve had a great time (unless you haven’t – then just thank him.)


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