Wichita Black Community Tells #BlackLivesMatter to Stuff It!

Two weeks ago community activists in Wichita requested a parade permit for a #BlackLivesMatter protest. Wichita’s police chief suggested they get together for a community cookout and get to know one another. The activists thought that was a great idea and they joined with the police for the First Steps Cookout and a great time was had by all.


Well, not exactly “all.” The #BlackLivesMatter national organization had a fit.

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Accompanying that tweet was a viral video of the event showing police and Wichita’s black community having a good time together just like “regular people.”

And as #BlackLivesMatter made very clear that tweet getting along with one another is “NOT IN LINE WITH OUR PRINCIPLES.”

The community leaders in Wichita were having none of it.

“We want people to stop killing us and then getting away with it. We want accountability for folks actions.

“I just want to put on record that we are not affiliated with Black Lives Matter. We do share some of the same issues and some of the same concerns, but we are not officially affiliated with them.”

In Wichita we seen responsible community leaders working with police and political leaders to bring about positive change and build a stronger Wichita.

The punks who run #BlackLivesMatter – and their most ardent supporters like Barack Obama – don’t care about building stronger communities. They care about separating communities and driving political wedges.

Leadership like we just saw in Wichita is the solution,. #BlackLivesMatter and Barack Obama are the problem.

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