Weatherman Fired for a Facebook Post About … Well, You Can Probably Guess …

Bob Goosmann has been a local weatherman for a long time.  He was chief meteorologist at his local TV station and was well known for doing what weathermen do, being wrong about the weather once in a while.

Then the Democratic National Convention rolled around and as Bob watched on particular feather his dander got up.  You might say an F4 tornado went off in his head.


On Tuesday night nine mothers of black children who were killed by police officers or by random gun violence took the stage at the DNC. They included the mother of Sandra Bland, who committed suicide in a Texas jail after a traffic stop, the mother of Treyvon Martin, who was killed by a “white Hispanic” while Martin tried to murder him, and the mother of Michael Brown who was killed in self-defense in Ferguson, Missouri as he tried to kill a white police officer.

That was just too far over-the-top for chief meteorologist Goosmann. He went on his Facebook page and posted this.

“As many of you know, I have not posted much about politics. The DNC parading the mothers of slain thugs on their stage has made me furious.”

I have to note that Mr. Goosmann is not alone in that sentiment, I’m right there with him.

The next thing that happened was his TV station announced that he had resigned and declined to make any further statement.

Our weatherman says he didn’t see anything racial about the post.

“It was frustration that I believe the DNC party will do anything, like use these mothers, to garner votes. Some have said the word “thug” is a racial term. It means a violent person, as in a criminal. It does not mean color. Anyone can become a thug. If someone a make this statement out to be something else, I can’t control that.”

He may have been a good weatherman, but I don’t think he understands statistics. In the United States 60% of all murders are committed by black men between the ages of 15 and 35, about 6% of the U. S. population. That same 6% is responsible for over 50% of all violent crime in the country.

It’s perfectly reasonable to draw the conclusion that the word “thug” has a racial component to it. The reason it has a racial component is because Blacks have put it there.

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