Watch as CNN Drops Their Guard and Shows Their Bias [VIDEO]

CNN was doing live coverage on the terrorist attack in Nice, France on Friday. They were interviewing a survivor of the truck attack.

You have to pay attention because it happens quickly, at the very beginning of the clip CNN chyron reads “Truck Rampage Survivor.”  The chyron at the end of the clip reads the same.

And then there’s the middle with Karim Laamara, who appears to be a Muslim, and the chyron reads “Trump Rampage Survivor.”  Laamara is talking about “many, many… people on the ground” in a scene that was so horrifying he was “trying not to look” because it was “too painful, too painful.”

Trump Rampage Survivor.

Could CNN have been trying to project some Trump hatred with that chyron? Probably not, I think they were just showing off their bias.  It’s going to be a long hot summer.

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