So You Want to Adopt? Okay, Just Give up Your Guns First.

There’s a family in Illinois who would like to adopt a foster child.  So far so good. A deserving child taken out of the system in place with a loving family. That’s a good story. Except for this Illinois family is far from the end of the story.

The family, already parents of three children, were informed by the mother’s employer that they could be at risk. She works for the Illinois Department of Corrections in Danville and corrections officials warned the family that prisoners were seeking prison employees’ home addresses and they should take precautions.

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They did. They purchase guns to ensure their family’s safety. And that’s the wrinkle.

It seems that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has interesting restrictions. Of course, those restrictions are “for the children.”  The family would be allowed to keep firearms in their home, but given the rules, they might as well have rocks.

The state is forcing in to either certify there are no firearms in their house form called the “Foster Family Firearms Arrangement” which requires them to disclose the guns they own and how much ammunition they have. The rules also require that guns and ammunition must be stored in separate locations. In addition, the guns must have trigger locks and be stored unloaded and locked containers accessible only with a key and kept off the premises or on the owners person.

That pretty well defeats the whole point of owning a gun to protect your family. Were someone to attack this family they would have to get there gun from a locked storage container, removed the trigger lock, go somewhere else and find ammunition, load the gun, and they’re ready to protect their family.

I suspect that’s something on the order of police response time, and police response time is designed to make sure officers aren’t in any danger but arrive at a fresh crime scene where they can write a complete report.

The family has filed suit against the state of Illinois for violating their Second Amendment rights with these regulations. Illinois has spent a lot of time in court over their desire to ignore the Second Amendment and they’ve consistently lost. Hopefully, they’ll lose this one too.

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