[VIDEO] Hillary Says You Don’t Have a Right to Bear Arms

Hillary Clinton was on ABC’s talking heads with George Stephanopoulos – a former Clinton staffer and Democratic operative – and she refused to answer a question about whether American citizens have a right to bear arms.

Make no mistake about it, everything she says is a lie.  You can tell because her lips are moving.

“I think that for most of our history there was a nuanced reading of the Second Amendment until the decision by the late Justice Scalia …”

No there wasn’t.  For ALL of our history – until Bill Clinton became President – the only reading of the 2nd Amendment was clear – American’s have a right to bear arms.  When I was in high school I could walk into a hardware store and buy any gun I wanted.  It really wasn’t that long ago.

That all changed when Hillary became co-President and threw her weight behind the “Assault Weapons Ban” that outlawed cosmetic things on rifles.  And did nothing with respect to “gun safety.”

Hillary wants your guns confiscated she just won’t come out and say so.

She wants “reasonable regulation” that won’t work any better than the ban on “Assault Weapons” and when it doesn’t work she’ll need more “reasonable regulation.”  Then the day will come when she – and the Democratic Party – will say, “Hey folks, we tried to be reasonable.  It’s not working.  Turn in your guns.”

With respect to the outright lie that 90% of Americans want stricter gun control, a CNN poll done last October showed that 52% of Americans do NOT want stricter gun regulation.  CNN.  The “Clinton News Network.”

As for the “gun show loophole” and the “online loophole” those are lies.  If you go to a gun show you meet two kinds of sellers.  A handful are private sellers with one or two guns to sell.  It’s a private sale, no difference than the purchase I made from a friend last year for a pistol he didn’t need anymore.

The vast majority of sellers at any gun show are federally licensed dealers.  They do a background check when you buy.  Just like they did at the Phoenix Gun Show a couple of years ago when I bought Mrs. Curmudgeon a new handgun.

With respect to the internet, go online and try to buy a gun.  Dealers are federally licensed, and in order to take delivery from a gun shop out of your local area they ship the gun to a local FFL dealer who runs the background check.

If you’re a gun owner – or you cherish your individual liberty – a vote for a Democrat, any Democrat, is a vote you will regret.

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