[VIDEO] Hillary Clinton Is Coming for Your Guns If She’s Elected President

She’s not just coming for your guns, it’s going to be her number one priority.

Forget about that $20 trillion national debt. Forget about ISIS and Islamic terrorism. Forget about the Muslim invasion of Europe and Barack Obama leading the Muslim invasion of America. Those don’t matter.

Forget about the fact that only one in three aircraft in the United States Marine Corps can fly because they don’t have spare parts. Forget about the fact that Barack Obama has spent the last seven years doing everything in his power to destroy military readiness. Those don’t matter.

It’s all about gun control. Except that gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

Clinton says, “And we can do this consistent with the 2nd Amendment. We can do this with the support of reasonable gun owners. And that’s exactly what we will do.”

I hope you’re not shocked to discover that Hillary Clinton is lying through her teeth. Exactly none of the ideas that anti-2nd Amendment groups have come up with will do one thing to reduce “gun deaths.” They will fail just like ObamaCare is failing. And once they failed Hillary and her ilk will just move to the next step. The “Australia Solution.” Otherwise known as confiscation.

Clinton is milking the issue of gun control for everything she can get. Personally I hope she keeps it up Americans are smart enough to see through the smoke that she’s blowing.

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