[VIDEO] Good Guy With a Gun = 1; Stupid Criminal = 0 

Good Guy wins.

Two armed robbers looking for a quick buck stole a car in their home state of New Jersey where it’s almost impossible for a good guy to get a gun, drove across the border into Pennsylvania where good guys probably have a gun handy.  They found an easy mark, a small, independent pharmacy that had just opened for the day.

One of the bad guys went in the store while the other stayed in the stolen get-away car.

Oops.  Shoulda stayed in New Jersey.

The dead bad guy, one Willie A. Bozarth, won’t be robbing any stores anywhere anymore.  His buddy won’t likely be robbing anybody either since he’s being charged with armed robbery and murder.  When your partner dies in the commission of a crime you get charged with murder even if you’re sitting in the getaway car.

Pennsylvania has a much better understanding of the 2nd Amendment than the idiots in New Jersey do.  They also respect their honest, hard-working citizens.  Something New Jersey doesn’t, they’re perfectly happy to leave their citizens at the pleasure of people like Willie Bozarth and his buddy.

Thankfully for the people of New Jersey a good, honest, hard-working Pennsylvania pharmacist made sure they don’t have to worry about either one of them again.

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