Religion of Peace Member with a Machete in Belgium Had Been Deported Twice

The terrorist in Belgium who attacked two police officers with a machete last week was in the country illegally. Given the ease of movement in the European Union that’s almost impossible to do, but apparently managed it. He had been deported not once, but twice.

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The 33-year-old Muslim terrorist hacked to female police officers in an attempt to kill them before he was shot to death. Belgian prosecutors said, “There are indications that the attack may have been inspired by a terrorist motive.”

There guessing at that because he shouted “Allahu Akbar” just before the attack. Unless that translates into something like, “Long live the Methodist Church” in Belgium he probably was a Muslim terrorist.

The terrorist had been in Belgium since 2012 and it been deported twice for criminal activities not related to terrorism. Apparently the Belgians had a hard time getting him out of the country because his home country, Algeria, refused to help with the deportation process. He wasn’t locked up because apparently Belgian prisons have “a lack of space.”

This same plague is on its way to the U.S. Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have already met their goal of 10,000 “refugees” from Syria for this year and you can bet they’re going to ramp the number up next year.

Oh, and they’ll be living in your neighborhood. You can thank Paul Ryan for that.

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