“Refugees” Forced Child Marriages Are on the Increase in Switzerland

Europe is experiencing an invasion of “refugees” from places like Syria and Afghanistan. The “refugees” all have something in common. They’re Muslims.

One thing you can say about Muslims, they treasure their “culture” and everywhere they go they bring the seventh century with them. That’s exactly what’s happening right now in Switzerland.

The Swiss are seen a sharp increase in the number of forced marriages among their population of “refugees.” The brides in these marriages are almost always younger than 15 and many of these girls are being married off to men in their fifties and sixties.

In America we still call this what it is, pedophilia.

Pedophilia is an integral part of Islam. Their prophet, Mohamed, was there pedophile role model with a nine-year-old bride. The following video talks about Afghanistan but the same thing is happening everywhere Muslim “refugees” are found.

In Switzerland officials have noted that most of the victims of these forced marriages are immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Syria. They’ve noted – SHOCKINGLY – that the increase in so-called “asylum-seekers” has played a major factor in the sharp increase in victims.

Remember this when you see “refugees” moving into your neighborhood courtesy of Barack Obama and Paul Ryan.

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