ASSHAT Kanye West Has Naked Likeness Of Bush In His Music Video- Bush Has UNEXPECTED Response!


Kanye West is doing what he known to do best- trying his darndest to stay relevant by being an a-hole. However, jokes on him this time because his one of this targets was President Bush, and Bush wastes NO time on scumbags. Never has, never will. Here’s his perfect response…

A tweet, which was quickly deleted, revealed what Kanye was after when he used 12 nude doubles, including those of Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Chris Brown. Unfortunately for him, Bush isn’t taking the bait. Instead, former President Bush quickly showed everyone who the real jackass is in this situation.


A representative for George W Bush offered a brilliant message from the former POTUS, saying that Bush isn’t upset about Kanye trying to find a look-alike to portray him in his new music video, but he’s somewhat indignant that the faux Bush lacks muscle, according to TMZ. The rep added that it should be obvious that the guy in the video isn’t Bush because “[Bush] is in much better shape.” In other words, good ole George W is saying, “Kanye picked a punk to play me,” and it’s far from the reaction a shit-stirrer like Kanye was hoping for.


The good-natured reaction to a rather unbecoming visual was the perfect way to handle a miscreant like Kanye. Agitators and instigators aim to get the better of their targets. When they don’t get the response they were after, they are stripped of their power. In Kanye’s case, that means a Twitter-tantrum is probably on the horizon. Perhaps he should first remember that since there have been past issues between the two, the response to the degenerate musician could have been far worse.

Oh Kanye…if you weren’t such an idiot, I’d be embarrassed for you…but at this point, continue to reap what you sow, because no one cares.

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