Pres. Obama Picked the Wrong Fight And Got His Head Handed to Him

While Pres. Obama was busy transferring responsibility for the deaths of 49 people in Florida to the National Rifle Association instead of the Muslim terrorist who murdered them he said something stupid.

Okay, he said a lot of stupid things but one of them caught the attention of conservative blogger Dana Loesch. It’s not a good idea to get on Dana’s bad side, especially if your Barack Obama, because Dana is a lot smarter than he is.

Here’s what the Pres. Doofus had to say.

It’s interesting how he wants to do some “soul-searching” about guns while he’s not interested in doing some soul-searching about his immigration policy that’s opening the doors to hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists.

This is where Dana took the president to task.

1 Obama 1

That should leave a mark.

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