Pissed Off EX Kicks In Woman’s Door- IMMEDIATELY Regrets It When THIS Happens…

This woman was abused by her monster ex, and by law was suppose to stay away from her. He didn’t listen, and was at her house on evening pounding on her door…then he kicked in her door and entered the home where she and her 11-yr old son were. He was enraged! She thought quickly and then did something that most likely saved her and her Son’s life

Decker had shown up at his ex-girlfriend’s house acting erratically and violating his domestic violence order. He began loudly banging on her windows and doors. It wasn’t long before Decker kicked in the woman’s front door to gain entry into her home.

That’s when the woman’s instincts and quick actions kicked in, potentially saving her life and the life of her 11-year-old son, who was also in the home when Decker busted down the door. The woman grabbed her gun and fired several shots at her ex-boyfriend, hitting him a few times. He attempted to run after sustaining gunshot wounds but only made it a few hundred feet before collapsing on the ground outside. Authorities pronounced him dead on the scene.

Obviously, liberals aren’t going to agree with this outcome or this woman’s choice to defend herself. What I’d like to know is what do they expect her to do then? Ask him to calm down as he proceeds to beat her or even worse her and her Son? Good for this woman for standing up to a monster. It’s not an easy decision to make in this day and age with the left making you feel like a criminal anytime someone has to utilize their 2nd amendment rights.

He won’t be threatening her or her Son again, and I’m pretty sure….no one else will either.

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