Parents of Cop Shooters – They Did it For #BlackLivesMatter

The parents of two Pennsylvania teenagers who are charged with ambushing police officers in Lancaster, PA say that their sons were just doing the bidding of #BlackLivesMatter when they tried to murder police officers.

A #BlackLivesMatter spokesman said the group is all about peace and love and rejects violence.  So are the Palestinians.

Luz Rentas, the mother of one of the shooters said, “They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do: shoot at cops. The truth is that these are two punk kids following the orders of an irresponsible organization and now they’re gonna pay for it.”

When her son was arrested he told the arresting officers, “I was shooting a you.”

Roberto Renas, the father of the other shooter, made a similar statement, saying that the #BlackLivesMatter movement influenced his son’s actions.

In other news, #BlackLivesMatter condemned a group in Wichita, KS for having a cook-out with police to find common ground and #BlackLivesMatter has joined with 60 other like-minded organizations to issue demands that police stop arresting blacks and that they get free college and reparations.  For starters.

They’re just a peaceful group.

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