Obama Defends Islam AGAIN- Palin Dishes Him An EPIC Drop Kick With THIS Truth!

I do not think that I am alone when I say…. DAMN YOU OBAMA! Time and time again, he has so boldly and without shame crushed Americans with everything anti-american he can possibly use against us, and yet, he still sits in the White House. Which by the way his race-baiting wife complained about, stating she has to wake up in a house built by slaves every morning. Everyday all we get from the Obamas is, division, division, division… With his recent rant about gun control after Orlanda- many conservatives are angry, and many more Americans feeling betrayed. Now Palin has something to tell him, and if he’s expecting “politically correct” from her, boy is he in for a surprise!

The former Alaska governor decided she wasn’t going to let him get away with his tyrannical behavior any longer, and she had something brutally honest to say to Obama and those who defend Islam.

Sarah Palin’s post on Facebook has already earned her quite a bit of attention since she posted it on Friday. With over 70,000 likes and 36,000 shares, the post has achieved viral status.

What Sarah Palin says in her post is causing so much love from her Facebook fans. Along with her harsh and honest takedown of Barack Obama’s draconian gun proposals, she posted the following meme:


Palin made her point very clear and didn’t mince words in her post:


Enough is enough, Mr. President. There’s no “due respect” due you after pulling this stunt.

Exploiting a sick, evil, ideological-driven attack on Americans to further your twisted anti-Second Amendment mission is disgusting. Today you’re demanding an “explanation” from law abiding gun owners, but not demanding the same from followers of Islam, the religion behind this terror?

If the demented Orlando terrorist doesn’t represent all Islamic followers, then why do you insinuate he represents all gun owners?

And why, after any shooting, do you always want to take away firearms from the innocent people who didn’t do it?

Forget your asinine gun control, do your job and engage in Islamic terrorist control.

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