Oakland #BlackLivesMatter to Oakland PD – F*** You

Earlier this month #BlackLivesMatter in Wichita, KS requested a permit to demonstrate.  The Wichita police chief suggested a barbeque instead.  A great time was had by all and they began a real process of relationship building between the police and the black community.

2 Wichita

It turns out that celebration of community wasn’t received well by the national #BlackLivesMatter organization.  They had a fit, going out of their way to pronounce that the Wichita group wasn’t REALLY affiliated with #BlackLivesMatter.  I could have guessed that, the Wichita group is peaceful and actually wanted to accomplish something in their community to make it better.

#BlackLivesMatter redeemed themselves this weekend when the Oakland, CA police department invited them to join forces and have a barbeque.  It didn’t go so well.

Instead of joining hands to build their community the Oakland chapter of #BlackLivesMatter responded to the invitation with the comment “I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.” Instead of promoting harmony in Oakland and working to find common ground, #BlackLivesMatter chained themselves to the doors of the Oakland Police Officers Association in an action that I’m sure will win awards from the national #BlackLivesMatter organization.

Wichita and Oakland have made it clear that #BlackLivesMatter could care less about black lives, all they care about is pushing a radical agenda. In Wichita they worked to bring the community together and #BlackLivesMatter made it clear that the Wichita group was not part of #BlackLivesMatter.  The national organization wants nothing to do with peaceful communities where blacks can live without fear.

They are nothing more than an organization that promotes terrorism against police.

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