NEWSFLASH – Democrats Are at War with Blacks [VIDEO]

Democratic politicians who run every major city in the United States and have for decades are allowing blacks to be murdered in the thousands every year by thugs. Not only do Democrats not give a damn they’re doing everything in their power to accelerate the killing.

Barack Obama and #BlackLivesMatter are doing everything they can to stop police from arresting the thugs who make the mean streets of every intercity in America more dangerous than the streets in war-torn Syria.

Latest example was last weekend in Chicago went over 100 people were shot and 13 people were murdered in one day. Among those 13 people was a 10-year-old boy who was caught in a crossfire while playing with his sister on the porch of his home.

The Democratic administration in Chicago headed by Rahm Emanuel has done nothing to help families like the Tanners protect their children. They’re hell-bent on stopping police from enforcing the law in the “black community,” something that would keep children like Tavon from being murdered on their porch.

Do BlackLivesMatter?

Apparently not to Barack Obama – whose home is Chicago – or the thugs that run #BlackLivesMatter who are willing to take to the street for any random dead felon as long as he was killed in the line of duty by police officer.

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