National Felons League (NFL) to Cops: “STUFF IT”

I’m not in the least little bit surprised by this, after all the NFL is the National Felons League. Siding with #BlackLivesMatter thugs over the nation’s police departments is an obvious marketing win for the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys worked with the Dallas Police Department after five Dallas police officers were murdered by a #BlackLivesMatter hero-in-training earlier this year. They came up with a decal – Arm in Arm – that announced their solidarity with the Dallas Police Department.


It’s especially worth noting that the Dallas Police Department has long been known for its community outreach and working with all segments of Dallas citizens. But that’s not enough for the NFL.

The NFL would have none of it. They informed the cowboys on Wednesday that under no circumstances could they wear the Arm in Arm decal on their helmets during preseason or regular-season games.

This is the same National Felons League that didn’t blink an eye when St. Louis Rams players raise their arms in a “hands up don’t shoot” gesture after the self-defense shooting by a police officer of the #BlackLivesMatter hero-thug Michael Brown.

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Don’t forget, the whole quote hands up don’t shoot” meme was proved to be an absolute lie, Michael Brown never had his hands up and was in the middle of his 2nd attempt to murder a police officer when he was killed in self-defense.

#BlackLivesMatter, the racist-victim community, and now the NFL, have never let the truth stand in the way of their marketing.

This is also the same NFL that had no problem allowing Beyoncé to perform her 0 nearly anti-police song “Formation” at the Super Bowl in front of a wall emblazoned with “Stop Shooting Us.”

Mark Levin is right on the money about this outrage.

Any questions?

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