Muslim Man Shows Up To Charlotte RIOTS – Makes Things Even Worse…

There are people who are truly problem solvers. Peace seekers. Then there are those that just thrive off a chaos. This is one of them.

Wherever there is violence, rage, and unrest, angry Muslims are present with a message about Islam — and not a peaceful one. Taking full advantage of the brutal situation unfolding in Charlotte, the Nation of Islam leader in North Carolina sent his “brothers” to do his dirty work, and they delivered a sickening surprise for “middle class” white guys.

As the black community in Charlotte loots iPads and televisions from Walmart to protest “racist” police, while also pulling innocent passersby out of their cars and beating them, Islamic leader B.J. Murphy came forward with a statement on Wednesday, hoping to incite more violence. Perhaps it’s not ironic that the Muslim was picked by Keith Lamont Scott’s family to speak on their behalf about the 43-year-old man who was shot dead by a black cop, which started the violent riots Tuesday night.

Murphy first praised Allah from the podium before launching into a verbal attack on white people and making a promise that he’s prepared to follow through on. Not only did he call for more rioting, but he demanded a boycott of Charlotte, insisting that not another dollar be put in a white man’s hand, despite the fact that it was a black cop who shot this latest armed martyr of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“What we’re standing up now for is our black manhood and our black people who are being gunned down in the street and we don’t get no justice,” Murphy said, putting his illiteracy on full display. “We’re not telling our brothers and sisters to stop!” he shouted in conclusion as he ordered more violence, destruction, and free stuff in the name of justice.

More of the same. More of the same hate filled ideas as a radical, a Marxist, a bad guy. No matter how many lives are lost and ruined by this kind of behavior, we never lean.

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