Michael Phelps Pressured by CNN – Tells Them to Shove It [VIDEO]

If you need a reason not to watch the Olympics here you go. A CNN reporter, W. Kamau Bell, tried to pressure Michael Phelps into giving up the owner of carrying the American flag in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Why? Because he’s a “tall, successful, rich white guy.”

Bell is a pathetic racist.

The CNN commentator expected Phelps to give up the honor to a female Muslim fencer who was well-known will wearing her hijab during fencing matches. She’s also known for hating Donald Trump with a passion and for talking down America at every opportunity.

Here’s what Bell had to say.

“Muhammad carrying the flag would be much bigger than your one moment,” Bell writes. “It would be a symbol for our country in this moment when we are mostly known for one of the most contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful, xenophobic, jingoistic, and just generally unlikeable presidential elections in recent memory. This is at a time when we could use some more symbols of unity and togetherness.

“Your stepping back will allow this moment to become something bigger than just another opening ceremony. No offense, but right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great … again.”

Michael Phelps, the tall, successful, rich white guy, has a lot more class than Bell.

Thank you Michael for showing up the CNN commentator for the racist asshat he is.

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2 Comments on Michael Phelps Pressured by CNN – Tells Them to Shove It [VIDEO]

  1. Phelps said it all – he was nominated by his peers, for the honor of carrying the American flag during the opening ceremonies. Anyone who tries to talk him (or anyone) out of that honor, ought to be escorted away from and barred from the Olympics altogether.

  2. Michael Phelps is such a great human being and to even think that somebody would even suggest he turn down the honor of carrying out countries flag and give it to someone else is as low as that person can get. Muslims just want to take over folks WAKE THE HELL UP.

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