Man CAUGHT On Film Doing THIS To Wife In The Street- THIS Is The REAL War On Women…

A very heinous video has been spreading across the internet after some coward decided it was more important to film this incident, than to assist in helping a woman escape an awful situation. Person catches a moment between a Muslim man and his wife on a public street. As if the clip itself isn’t shocking enough, there are people who are saying it is a PRIME example of what the true WAR on Women really looks like.

Not being pro-life, not equal pay for equal work, and no, not boycotting Planned Parenthood…as liberals would claim. The REAL war on women, is much more brutal, and ugly. For this woman, who you will witness in the video, the war on women, is very REAL…and offers no way out. No sanctuary from the terror of it.

What you will witness this man doing to his wife is vicious, and although it is unclear what instigated the incident, it is WRONG.

WARNING: This video does contain highly sensitive material. Be aware.

What you saw here between the man and his wife is TERRIFYING. However, I am sure many would agree, that what was happening in the background is just as sickening. When has the worth of a human life, become so cheapened that saving one, wasn’t worth the effort? Onlookers just stood-by with no sign of willingness to assist the victim. Although it is not certain, some are afraid that what this man pulled out from his pocket, was a knife.

Whatever it was, it was evident that this woman wanted him to keep it in his pocket, as she struggled to keep him from taking it out. Some say there are only two things in this world that are certain, death and taxes.

I beg to disagree. The only two things in this world that are CERTAIN, is Right and Wrong. It has, does now, and will always exist. It is the evil word “TOLERANCE” that is blurring the lines now between the two, and allowing horribly wrong things like this to happen, without any recompense for the offended.

There has never been a greater need for Good Samaritans. The line between right and wrong, needs to be reinstated, and burned into its’ place.

This is what it boils down to ladies and gentlemen – the real war on women. Not only are women not treated as human beings in the religion of Islam, they’re not valued whatsoever for anything more than sex. It’s one thing for a psycho to beat his wife, but for everyone else to just ignore the matter is the real issue here.

The left can keep trying to convince us that Muslims are good people, but the devout followers of Islam seem hellbent on proving otherwise. Facts are facts – the religion of Islam is not only outdated but uncivilized. All you have to do is open your eyes to see it.

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  1. Unfortunately, any man who comes to the aid of a Muslim woman not only condemns himself to death – he condemns her as well, for “contaminating” her. When it comes to spousal abuse in Islam, you have a no-win situation.

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