Man Who Beheaded Grandparents Has F*ck Police Tattoo On Arm- Guess Who Influenced Him….?

Nathaniel Scheiern is responsible for the homicide of his grandparents, William and Verna Scheiern. This isn’t just your average murder case though, his motivation behind the killing is ISIS. That’s right, the Islamic radical terrorist group. This is disgusting.


Nathaniel Scheiern was a loner his whole life, and after getting a tattoo that said “F*ck cops,” he descended into a madness that led to beheading his step-grandparents. In and out of jail most of his life, he was a follower looking for a cause, and he found it online. Now, the police have uncovered his real motivation for the gruesome crime, and you’ll be sickened by who inspired this loser to behead his loved ones.

William and Verna Scheiern loved their step-grandson, and when he was released from jail in Colorado and had nowhere to go, they took him in. Unfortunately, it would be the biggest mistake of their lives. Nathaniel was troubled his whole life, and then, he found Islam.

Sometime in 2014-15, he started posting videos of the Islamic State all over his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He hated law enforcement too, making a video of getting the “F*ck the cops” tattoo around the same time.

On June 28th, 2015, Nathaniel’s sister got concerned when she hadn’t heard from her grandparents. She called the Glendale Police Department in Southern California to do a welfare check. What they found had even the most hardened homicide detectives disturbed beyond belief.

[Detectives] found two decomposing bodies under a blanket on a twin-sized bed in that room. They were later identified as William and Verna Scheiern, 77 and 82 years old, respectively.

On the floor a few feet away, police found a bloodied hammer. Against a wall in the living room, they found an ax, with dried blood on the head and handle. [via LA Times]

The Los Angeles District Attorney revealed their theory regarding the crime last Tuesday, when Nathaniel Scheiern appeared in court. Seeking the death penalty, the police said, “[Nathaniel Scheiern] was infatuated with and influenced by radical Islamists when he attacked his grandparents after attending church with them one weeknight in June of last year.”

His grandparents had returned home with him from Calvary Chapel, and investigators think this spurned the convert to Islam to mimic their choice of death for infidels. His Twitter account shows 23 tweets, and all of them are of ISIS. A Nathaniel Scheiern Facebook page was created and is devoted to covering all of his disgusting social media activities. His own original Facebook profile is still up, which contains post after post of ISIS.

The liberal media is downplaying his ISIS devotion and does not mention his tattoo at all. However, they are really big on mentioning his defense attorney’s allegation that the grandfather, William, molested Nathaniel, and this will be his ridiculous defense.

It’s funny how the liberal media ignores these stories of radical Islam, inspiring beheadings of elderly Americans, and when they do happen, they barely cover the proceedings. Disdain for the police and devotion to the Islamic State seems to go hand in hand, and we hope this loser convert gets the death penalty. I’m sure he looks forward to his 72 virgins in hell.

I think I’m going to be sick…

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