Look, Muggers. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Where Did the Muggers Go?

It’s Detroit, it’s late at night and four hard-working muggers were just trying to make a living. It had been a tough night. The only work they been able to find that night was a little old lady and in Detroit little old ladies don’t carry money. She did have a baton and they took that away from her but a baton doesn’t go far when you’re trying to support four drug habits. And, of course four mothers, because they were “good boys.”

Along came a single guy and he didn’t look like much of a challenge, after all they had a new baton.


A good guy with a gun. It looks like he’s taken one of these “good boys” off the street permanently and I suspect the other three won’t be back in Detroit for a long time. That’s no loss to the city of Detroit.

If it was up to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – and the rest of the Democratic Party – that off-duty security guard would not have had his gun and he’d have been the victim.

Remember that in November

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3 Comments on Look, Muggers. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Where Did the Muggers Go?

  1. So nice to hear about one of these assholes getting shot, hopefully he doesn’t make it and dies, that way he won’t be a burden on the tax payers the rest of his life.. . These PUNKS have to be stopped, everyone should carry a gun, this way, these pos know what there in for.

  2. This is as poor a job of furnishing news as I have ever seen. No sensible video and the repoprter talking so fast and poorly I still do not what happened.

  3. I enjoyed the article, at least up to the point where you lie about democrats wanting to take everyone’s guns away, which just isn’t accurate.

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