Khloe /Lamar Divorce is Back On. He’s “Desperate”

In the never-ending saga of the Kardashian’s Khloe is back in the news and moving forward with her divorce from her punk soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Odom.  And she’s getting a restraining order.

1 Chloe

If you follow the Kardashians – and it’s impossible not to unless you live in a cave – she filed for divorce last year because he was beating her up. Among other things. She was fast tracking the divorce because I’m sure she wanted her pound of flesh when Lamar passed out on the floor of Nevada whore house and it ended up in the hospital.

In the spirit of human kindness that can only be found in a Kardashian heart, Khloe stopped fast tracking the divorce. He’s probably worth more to her alive than dead.

Well apparently that spirit of human kindness has moved along to another venue. Chloe is fast tracking the divorce again and may get a restraining order.

“Is totally lost it, calling her every name under the sun and yelling at her for breaking promises she made to him on his deathbed.”

Odom has been sending her nasty text messages and drunken rambling messages and his soon-to-be ex is afraid of him.

Rumor has it the Kardashian file for the divorce because she wants to have kids. If that’s the case she should be denied the divorce and sterilized. There are too many Kardashians in the world as it is.

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