Keep the Hate Flowing, Beyonce

Beyonce is set to release a new video in which the mothers of dead thugs Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown are featured.

Reportedly, the mothers will all hold photos of their sons in the clip.

#BlackLivesMatter is a full-blown, anti-American, anti-police, lawless, racist organization – but who cares if it sells music, right?


Both Beyonce and Jay Z have donated handsomely to the Black Lives Matter movement, and reportedly bailed out several Black Lives Matter protesters during the Baltimore Uprisings, which spawned from Freddie Gray’s arrest and subsequent death.

Jay Z went to Cuba and wear Che Guevara T-shirts, despite the fact that he couldn’t make a dime in a Communist nation and Che Guevara hated black people.

You both are exploiting your own people and you know it.



They make their money on the backs of people who are just plain uninformed.

Where are the songs dedicated to their bodyguards who carry weapons to protect them?

Over the last 3 years, Beyoncé has attended peace rallies and met with the families of Trayvon Martin & Freddie Gray


Can’t wait until you’re in trouble and have to call the police. The overwhelming odds is that if you’re being acosted, shot at, assaulted or abused – it will be at the hands of a fellow black person.

That’s when #all Lives Will Matter, I guess..

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