THIS JUST IN: Hillary Maybe Cancelling Monday’s Debate…

Is the country still waiting on the Presidential debate? I thought that was supposed to be here already? Well Hillary might have a big surprise for the first one…

The first presidential debate takes place this coming Monday, Sept. 26.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

Mano y mano in front of the entire nation.

The first debate should easily break some ratings records.

It’ll be a fireworks show to be certain, so get ‘cha popcorn ready (#TOforTheHallOfFame).

With Hillary seen as increasingly sick and unfit to become president, Gateway Pundit is reporting that she may bow out of the first debate altogether.

A conservative leader wrote The Gateway Pundit Wednesday morning to share this news:

Hearing smart guys say that Hillary may cancel the debate on Monday … Hillary may be trying to run out the clock because she thinks she is ahead.


If Hillary truly doesn’t attend, it’s not going to make her look any better.

She’ll appear even more weak and feckless than ever before.

Now, Gateway Pundit has basically morphed into a Trump fansite and has been that way for over a year.

Not sure how many are going to tune in, but is there anything to learn from these debates that we don’t already know? No. Is it going to be a circus freak show? Yes.

Sit back and enjoy the show, because we’re all doomed anyways.

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