Judge Rules To Release Rapists If They Promise To Do This ONE Last Thing To Their Rape Victims…

Are you freaking kidding me?! What kind of dumbass judge would think up something so ASININE! Who in their right mind would want to marry the person that brutally raped them and went to court for it!? This judge has literally told Muslim rape offenders he will release them if they will do their victims this favor? THIS IS MADNESS!

There’s nothing more depraved and despicable than sharia law, and if you need an example as to why, there’s no better place to look than Turkey. Considered to be a “moderate” Islamic country, rapists are let off the hook, if they’ll agree to marry the women they rape.

A shocking report by Daily Mail highlights the horrific plight of rape victims in “moderate” Turkey, which has spared thousands of rapists and sex offenders a jail sentence by allowing them to opt out of prison if they choose to marry their victim.

According to Mustafa Demirdag, who heads Turkey’s Court of Appeals department, judges are literally letting rapists decide the fate of their victims, adding that children as young as 5 could suffer the consequences of these rulings.

Around 3,000 victims have been forced to marry their rapist in a political scheme to diminish sexual assault. The unbelievably high figure was released after Turkish parliament created a commission to investigate sex crimes.

“It is cruel to force someone to marry a person she does not want and force her to spend the rest of her life with him,” Demirdag said.

According to Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Demirdag cited one case in which a young girl was gang-raped by 3 men. He criticized the fact that each of the rapists was given the option to marry the girl, who obviously didn’t stand a chance, considering at least one would agree in order to avoid prison. She was forced to marry one of her attackers, a decision by the court that Demirdag says will haunt him for life.

To show the backward nature of such legislation, Demirdag divulged another ruling in which an 8-year-old was forced by her mother to perform graphic sex acts on the mother’s lover. The mother and lover were released without incident because the court could find no fault in the sadistic pair’s abuse.

Demirdag referenced yet another case in which a 15-year-old girl eloped with a boy she loved. By the time police found the pair, they had already been married for years and had 3 children together. He explained that the court now wants to sentence him to 16 years and 8 months in prison because the youngsters were married against their parents’ permission.

Go and slap yourself Judge. You’re an idiot!

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