“Jihadist” Enters Utah High School, Claims To Have Car Full Of Bombs…

A very scary situation had unfoldede in a small town elementary school in Utah. Reports claim another terrorist had taken the school over. Here are some of the Media Tweets that have come out about the situation.

Apparently an intruder claiming to be a jihadist entered the school, telling everyone to evacuate.

Snipers are on the scene, due to a bomb threat.

The person wrote emails to news media warning he would do what he’s now doing.

The emails include “racist, nonsensical ramblings,” and “quotes from the Bible and the koran.”

He’s referred to himself as a “radical Islamic jihadist.”

That is some crazy business. Thankfully the situation is under control and this guy is in custody. I think the nation has had more than enough of terrorist scares for at least a couple weeks.

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