ISIS Sympathizers Celebrate Manhattan Bombing, Saying “We cause you pain in your house.”

It’s happy times for ISIS and Caliphate supporters everywhere as they fanatically report and praise the allegedly terrorist bomb that exploded in New York and the ISIS inspired knife attacker in a Minnesota mall. After the bomb exploded and the media was out and about, the SOCIAL media blew up with proud jihadist sympathizers scoring one for their team.

How about we track these guys, no?

Some of the comments on social media were as follows;

“The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cause you pain inside your house, the carrier of the Cross,” wrote one Twitter user who went by the name “I am ISIS, come and block me.” The account was soon suspended. Another, called “The Lone Wolves,” tweeted with the Arabic hashtag #ExplosionManhattanNewYork “Oh God burn America, take revenge in the name of your oppressed slaves and believers’ blood.”

This was only a simple example. You can find all sorts of responses, and none of them are good. The enemy are all around us.

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