Ignorant Superstar Attacks Cops Over Viral Photo Supporting Unity- Then Cops Respond…

Tyrese Gibson, also known as just ‘Tyrese’, totally lost his crap when he saw a now- very viral photo of two Texas Police officers. To the surprise of many Americans, Tyrese had an issue with what they had written on their hands in the photo and he proceeded to BASH them on his social media accounts. His disgusting rant against these Officers and what their message stands might have just cost him some fanbase. Now, the Cops have responded to his SLAM on them…and let us just say, Tyrese just got served!


Last summer, a powerful photo featuring Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens, both with the Trinity Police Department, went viral. The two Texas police officers are seen with the words “his life matters” written on their palms and arrows pointing to one another. In the wake of recent events, in which Dallas officers were gunned down in cold-blood in a sniper-style attack and racial unrest is sweeping the country, the meaningful and moving photo resurfaced.

Unfortunately, that image was all it took to set Tyrese off. Lashing out on Facebook, the ignorant singer posted the photo with a nasty message to the officers featured in it. In an attempt to call out Jones, Givens, and their colleagues, Tyrese asked, “How many people on your force have used excessive force, have abused their power, murdered and killed innocent people, planted evidence to see to it that that black man or Latino went to jail?” He added, “To the officers in this picture, please answer these questions.”

It’s safe to say, Tyrese was only hoping to create further division and didn’t expect an answer from the men pictured, but he got one, and it shut him up rather quickly. With just 5 words, Tyrese now looks like the hate-fueling fool that he is.

Appearing on Fox and Friends Weekend this week, Jones explained that he was disheartened that Tyrese would criticize the photo, which promotes unity. He added that Tyrese, who has millions of social media followers, should use his fame and influence to create a positive dialogue. Then, he dropped a truth bomb on the ill-informed singer.

“He doesn’t know Officer Givens and I, he doesn’t know the officers in my department,” Jones said. “And to answer his question, the answer is none, none of the above.” With just his last 5 words, Jones made Tyrese eat his, but he wasn’t done there. “Stop assuming, stop hating, and stop jumping on each other,” Jones added. “I think we need to start talking to each other and come together and work together as a group.”

How disgusting that someone with such a large fanbase and following uses his voice to cause even greater division among Americans. So often, it’s the people who cry out ‘racist’ that seem to be the only racist around for miles…

Tyrese…how about you no longer retain police security from here on out. Fend for yourself. Good luck.


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