Hillary Needs Help with Voter Registration So She Turns to… [VIDEO]

Democrats are losing ground on voter registration in key battleground states and Hillary’s in a panic. So what does Hillary do when she’s in a panic? Why, she goes out and recruit illegal aliens to help register voters.

Can you say voter fraud?

Full disclosure: Democrats will accuse me of being a racist for even using the term “voter fraud.” I really don’t care.

Here’s Lou Dobbs being outraged as only Lou Dobbs can be outraged.

I couldn’t of said it better if I tried.

Needless to say the “no borders” people are ecstatic at Hillary’s “outreach.” Most of the rest of the nation isn’t. Of course, most of the rest of the nation will hear about this because the major media will only publicize it in places where those who want to destroy our borders and our nation are “news” consumers.

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