Hillary May Not Be Going to Jail but It Looks Like Sheriff Joe Could Be

“America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Maricopa County’s Joe Arpaio, may just end up in jail before he gets reelected to his 214th term is Maricopa County Sheriff. Arpaio is a fixture not only in Maricopa County, where nobody can remember the previous Sheriff, but across the nation thanks to a very effective public relations campaign that he’s been waging on his behalf for at least 20 years.

It looks like this time, Sheriff Joe picked a fight with the wrong judge.

U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow requested that Arpaio and a number of his subordinates – including his second in command – be prosecuted for criminal contempt of court.

Snow found that Arpaio and three of his aides intentionally violated court orders stemming from an eight-year-old case involving racial profiling of Latinos.

Snow was appointed to the bench by George W. Bush in December 2007.

In his order, snow wrote, “Criminal contempt serves to vindicate the courts authority by punishing the intentional disregard for that authority.” He also noted that Arpaio has a “history of obfuscation and subversion of this court’s orders that is as old as this case.”

His most damning comment could be related to false statements made under oath before the judge. “… there is also probable cause to believe that many if not all the statements were made in an attempt to obstruct any inquiry into their further wrongdoing or negligence.”

Hillary Clinton may be able to get away with lying to the FBI and to Congress and to the American people because she’s a Washington insider and in Washington, “the law is for little people.”

In Arizona, the law applies to everyone, as Sheriff Joe’s about to find out.

I wonder if there’s a way we can have Hillary hold in front of Judge Snow?

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