Hillary Under Fire AGAIN As Doctor Claims Her “Medical Record Release” Is FAKE…

Hillary Clinton’s personal physician is now inventing medical tests and terminology that do not exist. So who didn’t see this coming? I mean…it’s Hillary Clinton’s doctor.

Shortly after the Democratic presidential nominee collapsed while leaving the Ground Zero memorial Sunday, Kansas physician Dr. Milton Wolf concluded, by dealing “strictly in facts,” that her state of health is much more serious than reported.

Now to answer the claims of Wolf and other medical professionals casting doubt, Clinton’s people have resorted to writing fiction — and they’re not very good at it.

Clinton’s personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, released a statement Wednesday containing a few red flags, the first describing tests that she’d performed on the candidate. It prompted Wolf to make a “for whatever it’s worth” (FWIW) statement.

ICD-10 codes refers to the World Health Organization’s 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, and Clinton’s condition — as stated by her physician — just isn’t on the list.

This shouldn’t even be a question. How in the world do we hold the personal doctors of these candidates CREDIBLE when they are paid big bucks to keep them healthy? This is ridiculous, of course they’ll lie.

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