Hillary Clinton Rewarded 194 Donors With Seats On State Advisory Boards- Her Corruption Has No Bounds..

The Washington Examiner has come out with a piece that reveals 194 of Hillary Clinton’s donors were named to advisory boards while she was Secretary of State between 2009 and 2012. Yeah, that’s not extremely corrupt at all…but we all knew this. We just don’t care, do we?

These were all people who donated to “either to her family’s foundation, her political campaigns, or both, or were affiliated with groups that had,” according to the Examiner’s review of federal records. Fully 40 percent of the State Department advisory appointments during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State went to her donors.

The Examiner is careful to note such appointments are not illegal or unprecedented, as “presidents and cabinet secretaries from both parties have long rewarded friends and contributors with high-level appointments,” but suggests this news will not mix well with questions swirling around “pay for play” access given to Clinton Foundation donors by the former Secretary of State.

It is also pointed out that some of these advisory appointees had little or no apparent qualification for their advisory board appointments, such as $100,000 Clinton donation bundler and longtime friend Kaki Hockersmith, who ended up on the United States National Commission on UNESCO. UNESCO is a global humanitarian organization; Hockersmith is an interior designer by trade.

Where’s the butt-kicking in Washington? I swear, if Hillary gets dragged in front of another inept congressional hearing, I’m going to cream bloody murder. This woman is not, and has not been worthy to step foot in any public office since the day she graduated college.

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