Hello NFL? What This Player Did During National Anthem Is Breaking The Internet…

With all the flag-hating hype coming out of the NFL — thanks Colin Kaepernick — it’s always pleasant to see a fresh display of respect and patriotism for one’s home country. It warms your heart. Especially after the displays in the NFL – thanks Colin Kaepernick…again.

Unfortunately, thanks to professional athletes and their liberal handlers, it’s now become hip and cool to diss the red, white, and blue, and this attitude has spread across the nation, even invading children’s sports.

Just when it seems like folks have lost their marbles, along comes a football player who decides to do something super classy, a move those who get paid millions to play the game should emulate.

What a champ. He’s more respectable than the phony’s in the NFL who don’t even care to understand the facts. This kid knows what he’s all about.

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