Guess Who Was Banned From Social Media for Urging “Respect”

Tam Kahn trains fighters in London. He’s a mixed martial arts fighter any help train Amir Kahn. He may be dynamite in the ring but a certain social media site thinks he doesn’t fight fair.

4 Kahn 1

Mr. Khan had the audacity to put an anti-Islamic State message on Facebook. He urged Muslims in Britain to contribute to their new country and to respect Britain’s culture.

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The post attracted hundred and 50,000 likes and hundred and 26,000 shares before Facebook banned Mr. Khan. Calling on Muslims in Britain to “cleanup their communities” and to help British authorities fight “radical Islam” is apparently too much for the sensors of Facebook.

“Don’t use the system, benefit from it and then manipulated and the country you live in.” I mean really, how offensive can you get?

Apparently Facebook took a lot of heat over the ban because they eventually restored Mr. Khan’s profile and claimed the “temporary” ban was “a mistake.”

Sure it was.

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