This GROWN Man Raped And KILLED 8-Yr-Old’s Emotional Support Dog- His Reason? SENSELESS!

It’s people like this that make me really questions the state of humanity. It’s sad…but you do hear of people getting revenge by killing dogs…BUT RAPE!’s a kid’s emotional support dog!!! This is a man who had some kinda rotten childhood, if he can’t use common sense to see what he did was inhumane.


The 33-year-old Washington state man who reportedly raped and murdered a boy’s emotional support dog is out of jail, after posting $50,000 bail.

James Leroy Evans was arrested on Sunday, after police received a tip from a relative of the dog’s owner.

A mountain biker found the body of the three-year-old pit bull mix named Diamond hanging from a tree in Thurston County on March 22, with scratch marks where the dog had struggled.

A veterinarian later determined that the dog had been severely sexually abused and had died of asphyxiation.

‘This is probably one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen,’ Thurston County animal control officer Erika Johnson said. ‘The degree of violence that animal went through before her death, I really couldn’t wrap my mind around it.’

After Evans was arrested, he told copped to killing the dog because it ate his pet iguana.

‘I did it! I hung her,’ he said, according to court documents obtained by The Olympian.

The paper also reported that in court records, authorities said Evans, who was arrested in Grays Harbor County, ‘seemed pleased with himself’ over killing the dog.

Thurston County Joint Animal Services has been assisted by a Pasado’s Safe Haven’s investigator, who said: ‘What this man allegedly did to Diamond is unspeakable,’ according to the statement.

The investigator added that the dog suffered tremendously before she died and that the case is ‘burned into my mind and my heart’.

Evans was charged with first-degree animal cruelty, and booked into the Thurston County Jail. He was released on Wednesday after posting $50,000 bail. His next court date in April 26.

The dog had been working as a therapy animal for the eight-year-old son of the owner.

Diamond was temporarily staying with Evans, while her owner looked for a permanent residence that allowed dogs, according to a Thurston County Animal Services statement.

The dog had been with the Evans, who is a relative of the family, for four days before Evans carried out the alleged rape and murder.

‘What I know from family members is that he’s got an explosive personality,’ Johnson said. ‘He’s got some real anger issues.’

Throw this man in prison, he is not stable, and a threat to society. I feel AWFUL about this poor dog…it’s not going to leave me anytime soon. Toss him a bar of soap, and toss him in prison. KARMA!

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