Good Gal With a Gun Meets Big Bad Guy With an Attitude

Shannon Watts is an idiot.  She runs “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense,” a Mike Bloomberg funded group that thinks “gun sense” is confiscating your gun.  She’s never known a “good gal with a gun.”  After all, guns are NEVER used to protect anyone.  Never.  Ever.

Well, never except once in a while in places like Kansas City.

A man was lurking around a Kansas City, MO neighborhood last week and saw a light on in a woman’s bedroom.  It was just after 11pm and the poor little woman was home alone.  Our lurker thought she needed company.

16 Good Guy a

The arrow is pointing to the window the lurker was peeking through.

She heard a noise outside and called the police.  So far I’m sure she gets the Shannon Seal of Approval.

Just in case the police didn’t get there in time, the woman got her gun and went into the front room of her home.

The lurker, I’m sure he was concerned for her safety, being home alone and all, started to kick in the front door.  Shortly after the door splintered off the hinges our lurker made an unexpected discovery.  The fair maiden had a gun pointed at him.  He charged her and likely didn’t hear the sound of the gun firing.

At this point Shannon Watts has pulled her seal of approval.

The lurker fell back and landed next to a left over Halloween decoration that said it all.

16 Good Guy 1

Police arrived in time to pronounce the lurker dead next to the tombstone.

Had the woman followed Shannon Watts’ recommendation the police would have arrived in time to pronounce the fair maiden dead at the scene and file a report about her death.

We’ve found that 911 response time is anywhere from five to 15 minutes in our hometown.  That’s why we prefer 45ACP.  It has a response time of about 1,250 feet per second.

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