Girls Treated By Allah’s Nurse- Parents HORRIFIED To Find This Up Their Skirts!

Hopefully reading this HORRIBLE story about a young girl in Sierra Leone will make people wake up and realize how brutal this culture actually is. This is should not be acceptable…ANYWHERE.


When a pair of girls, ages 10 and 19, were brought to a female Muslim nurse for a typical medical procedure, their parents expected that their recovery would go smoothly. However, as soon as they were finished with the surgery, the families were horrified by what was literally left under their daughters’ skirts.

In Sierra Leone, an Islamic country with a 71-percent Muslim population, the most backward and sinister Islamic practices go widely ignored by the world. With the gruesome and shocking deaths of 2 young girls, hopefully, the Western world will wake up to this barbaric ideology and condemn its misogynistic observances.

The Huffington Post reports that a 19-year-old girl died a brutal and painful death at the hands of a ritual nurse in Mabolleh on Thursday, just days after a 10-year-old girl perished in the exact same manner. Fatmata Turay was killed after an Islamic secret society run by women botched her female genital mutilation surgery.

Turay was 19 when her family brought her for what liberals often trivially refer to as a “religious rite of passage,” having suffered a horrifically botched procedure intended to remove her clitoris and/or labia and sew up her external genitalia in a manner that prevents females from experiencing sexual pleasure. This dangerous and inhumane surgery sometimes results in death and almost always leaves the victim with physical and emotional scars that can often make sexual intercourse painful.

Since Turay’s death, the 3 women involved in her surgery, including her aunt, have been arrested.

Turay’s sudden death comes just days after a 10-year-old girl from Makpozou in neighboring Guinea, a West African country with an 85-percent Muslim population.

The Deccan Chronicle reports that the unnamed child died in a circumcision camp for young girls during the disturbing procedure. The country’s social action ministry didn’t say if the child died from shock or blood loss but declared their dedication to banning FGM.


Of course, as it is in many Muslim countries, FGM doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In Sierra Leone, 9 out of 10 girls have undergone FGM, even though the country ratified an African Union protocol in 2003 that seeks to outlaw the surgical procedure. Guinea is about the same with about 90 percent of girls undergoing circumcision. Civilians consider the practice not only a religious custom but also a traditional rite of passage. Practitioners can earn up to $50 per surgery, a considerable amount of money in these locations.

More than 200 million females have undergone FGM in over 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East, most of them Islamic. Typically, the procedure is performed before the victim turns 16 and is even carried out on girls in their infancy. The gruesome surgery can cause severe bleeding, trouble urinating, continual cysts and infections, complications during childbirth, and even death. There are absolutely no health benefits for the victims of FGM, regardless of the fervent praise from Islamic activists.

In Islam, FGM is often as highly prized as a girl’s virginity, as it symbolizes purity and a certainty that they will abstain from sexual immorality because of the surgery’s resulting hindrance of sexual desire and pleasure. This misogynistic notion comes directly from the Islamic prophet Muhammad, according to renowned Palestinian-Swiss Islamic scholar Sami A. Aldeeb Abu Sahlieh.

The most often mentioned narration reports a debate between Muhammed and Um Habibah (or Um ‘Atiyyah). This woman, known as an exciser of female slaves, was one of a group of women who had immigrated with Muhammed. Having seen her, Muhammad asked her if she kept practicing her profession. She answered affirmatively, adding: “unless it is forbidden, and you order me to stop doing it.” Muhammed replied: “Yes, it is allowed. Come closer so I can teach you: if you cut, do not overdo it, because it brings more radiance to the face, and it is more pleasant for the husband.”
Muhammad, the self-proclaimed Messenger of Allah, was also quoted as saying, “Circumcision is [tradition] for men and [an honorable deed] for women,” exclaiming his approval for such a vile and dangerous procedure.

As long as Muslims believe the words of Muhammad, Islamic clerics will continue to perpetuate this practice in the Muslim world. It is possible to crack down on these procedures by outlawing it, but just as other Islamic practices are banned throughout the world, Muslims will continue performing it until they are forced to stop.

This is awful!!!

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  1. either i missed all the stories that say you want believe what they found because it seems to me you writters are leaving out that part i ain’t no professional writter or reader but i do reconize when the main point of a story is not in the content of the story so what is it with that please explain to me

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