Football Players Have SICK Surprise For Cops When They Show Up…

When is the violence against police officers going to stop? When will people realize that the cops are not our enemies? They are in a line of authority to protect us, not to intentionally harm citizens. If only these football players would have realized that before this happened


Police responded to a call about an altercation between 2 women outside of a bar and managed to break up the fight before anyone could be seriously injured. However, as soon as a group of college football players spotted the officers, one decided he would surprise the cops with something especially nasty.

Officers in South Bend, Indiana arrived at the Linebacker Lounge after a call was made that a pair of women were brawling outside. The officers quickly diffused the situation and things were calming down until a group of 6 Notre Dame players made their way towards the officers.

Fox News reports that cornerback Devin Butler was unprovoked when he walked up and shoved one of the women, prompting the police to demand that he back off. It was then that Butler took matters into his own hands.

Enraged at the officer’s order to step back, Butler attacked the officer, tackling him as if he was an opposing team member on the football field. Butler punched the cop several times in the side and stomach before reaching for his gun belt and ripping it away from the officer.

“He shouted profanities at the officers and started swinging his fist,” South Bend police spokesman Lt. Joe Galea said of Butler.
Officers were forced to use a stun gun to subdue the massive cornerback but not before the attacked officer suffered minor injuries. The cop was treated at a local hospital and released, Galea said.

Butler faces felony charges of resisting law enforcement and battery to an officer. Incredibly, the university was quick to respond, saying that Butler will likely be expelled from both the team and the school because of his inexcusable behavior, according to Blue Lives Matter.

University spokesman Paul Browne said in a statement that “any student arrested on a felony charge also faces dismissal from the university.”

“The university will determine if additional sanctions should apply to any or all of the students charged,” his statement said.


This isn’t the only problems Notre Dame has had with their college athletes. In fact, 5 other players were arrested on Friday night after an Indiana State trooper stopped their car for speeding. It was during the stop that he encountered a strong odor of marijuana, leading his drug-sniffing to find the illegal drug and a handgun. All 5 were released Saturday afternoon with misdemeanor drug possession charges. Three of the players face an additional misdemeanor of possession of an unlicensed firearm.
Perhaps the most important detail of the incident with Butler and his teammates is that even though they are black, they miraculously made it out of police encounters alive. According to the Black Lives Matter movement and other anti-cop, anti-white campaigns, this is an impossibility especially when the offenders are unarmed.

However, here we have Butler disobeying an officer’s orders, beating said officer, and even removing his gun belt, yet he wasn’t shot and killed. Fortunately for Butler, other police were present and found themselves in a situation that they could effectively use a taser instead of their firearms, although Butler rightfully deserved the latter.

Facts are facts — if you physically attack an officer, don’t be surprised if they use whatever means are necessary to stop you from harming them or taking their life. In Butler’s case, it was a stun gun. In other cases, they require lethal force.

Luckily, there’s a nearly foolproof way to avoid either. When approached by an officer, don’t run, don’t disobey their orders, and certainly don’t attack them or reach for their gun belt. Considering that this is the best chance for anyone to make it out of the situation alive, why on earth would black people who say they are fearful that cops will unnecessarily harm them give them more reason to do it?

There’s one simple solution to solve all of this: OBEY THE POLICE.


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