#GasCRISIS2016: North Carolina Gas Stations Have NO GAS – Residents Waiting HOURS…

Drivers were frantic all throughout North Carolina as they faced long lines and higher prices at the gas pumps due to the leak in the Colonial Pipeline. Some stations are actually having to turn down customers because their pumps are out of fuel.

Imagine this on a wider scale nationwide…it’s a scary thought.

On Monday, Gov. Pat McCrory activated the State Emergency Response Team to coordinate with counties regarding fuel needs. In a statement, McCrory asked N.C. agencies to consider ways to conserve gas.

“I continue to warn motorists to be on the lookout for price gouging,” McCrory said Monday evening. “We are taking steps to protect consumers and ensure that fuel is continuing to flow into the state. To help ensure adequate fuel supplies, I have instructed state agencies to consider options to limit fuel use, including curtailing non-essential travel for state employees.”

Our crews around the Triangle and in Fayetteville have seen stations without gas. Other places had massive lines or were only selling certain types of gas.

This really is INSANE. This is just one State. What happens when it’s all over the nation if something huge destroys are gas lines? What happens when you start condemning the pipelines that bring in the fuel? I can guarantee you that the same hippies that hate the it will be crying for it when they see how much it affects their lives as well.

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