Egypt Wins an Olympic Gold Medal for “No Class” [VIDEO]

Just when you think the Religion of Peace can’t go any lower they set a new standard. Last week it was at the Olympics and if the Olympic committee gave out gold medals for “No Class” this Egyptian judo fighter would’ve wanted hands down. Although I have to note, the Olympics aren’t over yet.

In the judo matches and Egyptian was paired against an Israeli and the Israeli handily defeated him with two throws. That’s an automatic victory with about a minute and a half left in the match. In the video you’ll see the referee declare the Israeli fighter the victor and, as custom dictates in judo, he bows to his opponent. The Egyptian just stared at him. The victorious Israeli walks over to him and extends his hand the Egyptian punk turns his back and walked away.

The referee called him back and the punk managed a small head nod. The Israeli fighter went on to win a bronze medal. The Egyptian thug goes home empty-handed.

Apparently he still passed off about the Six-Day War.

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