SHAMEFUL: Obama Jokes About ISIS On The Day America Is Bombed Twice

President Barack Obama made a joke with unluckily bad timing Saturday, wisecracking that the Islamic State was no big deal compared to his birth certificate, only to have America hit by two separate explosions. AS funny as it may have been to his leftist Marxist lackeys, it wasn’t to New Yorkers.

What does he have to say now?

While addressing a dinner held by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Saturday night, Obama joked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent declaration that Obama was, in fact, born in America.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I am so relieved that the whole birther thing is over,” Obama said. “I mean, ISIL, North Korea, poverty, climate change, none of those things weighed on my mind like the validity of my birth certificate.”

Unfortunately, at almost the same time Obama made his remarks, the Chelsea neighborhood was rocked by an explosion that injured at least 25 people. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said the explosion was “an intentional act,” and authorities reportedly found a second, undetonated pressure cooker device on a nearby street.

Of course the President was being sarcastic…but there’s nothing funny about using ISIS as a part of your joke. You created them by your lack of foresight. You ignored them with your lack of care or compassion. Now youa re going to leave office, having left the country in worst shape then you found it.

The worst steward this country has known thus far.

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