Charlotte Police REVEAL What They Said To Black Man Just Moments Before Shooting…

America continues to be split apart by unrest and division, as the shooting of a black man in Charlotte, North Carolina sends folks into a frenzy of rioting and violence. Is the violence ever going to end? Not unless people start telling the truth.

Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by police yesterday, an incident about which race hustlers wasted no time in jumping to conclusions — and pushing narratives — particularly after the man’s daughter posted a video ranting that her father was disabled and unarmed.

[Meanwhile, President Obama has not come out to admonish folks not to jump to conclusions, as he did following the terror attacks over the weekend. Apparently fine for the media and the general public to jump to conclusions — and loot and riot — if it fits his narrative.]

This doesn’t matter. BLM isn’t looking for truth. They are not in the business of looking at the truth…shoot, we can’t even agree on the truth.

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