This Bride Was Shocked at Her Wedding Gift

A couple in the UK got married and requested cash gifts from their wedding guests. Personally I have no problem with that I happen to think cash is the perfect gift. But apparently this particular bride had some issues.

For some perspective, before we get down to the nitty-gritty, the invited guest was a former coworker of the bride. His family had recently come into an inheritance of some sort which, in retrospect, could have built some expectations into their wedding invitation.

At any rate, the guest wrote a check for about $125.

The psycho bride wasn’t happy. She sent an email.

5 Bride 1

After having read through that a couple of times I think they’re lucky the psycho bride didn’t send a letter bomb.

“Please, anyone, what do I do now?” Well, for starters I stop payment on the check.

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