BREAKING: Obama Rolls Out Plan For UN Gun Take Over Before Election.

Barack Obama is out of the White House come next January, but not before a huge going away middle finger to Americans. The UN Arms Trade Treaty is aimed curb international arms trafficking. But Obama has a further agenda with it.

From Conservative Tribune:

A constant throughout President Barack Obama’s tenure in office has been his unwavering commitment to more restrictive gun control measures, despite significant opposition from Second Amendment supporters in Congress and in the general population.

One particular avenue Obama has pursued to attempt to limit the number and type of firearms available to American citizens is through his support for the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, an international agreement ostensibly focused on stemming illegal sales of conventional heavy arms to traffickers and warlords but written in a broad and vague manner to include “small arms” such as rifles, shotguns and handguns.

A major component of the ATT was the creation of an extensive international arms registry to be compiled from smaller arms registries of “end users” set up in the individual nations that have ratified the treaty.

Though Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have signed on to the ATT, they have not submitted it to the Senate for ratification, likely because a bipartisan group of more than 50 senators told Obama in no uncertain terms that they would never ratify the treaty or permit it to be implemented.

There are over three-hundred million licensed and owned firearms in America…a corrupt and controlling government can try all the back-stabbing methods it can, but it will never get rid that many guns. As long as we flood the country with properly trained citizens with firearms, this will never come to pass.

The more gun ownership there is, the harder it gets for corrupt government.

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