YES!: Judge FORCES Release Of Clinton’s Security Training Files- She Has 5 Days…

A disappointed federal judge ordered the State Department to begin producing within five days hundreds of documents on whether required or suggested security training, briefings or courses were completed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides.

Judge Richard Leon ruled Tuesday in favor of The Daily Caller News Foundation by rejecting the State Department’s motion to dismiss TheDCNF’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit concerning production of the documents originally sought under the Freedom of Information Act. But he also denied TheDCNF’s request to depose State Department officials.

The State Department has been unable to produce any records confirming that Clinton and her top aides received mandatory annual security briefings about the proper handling of classified materials and the proper methods for conducting secure communications.

In addition to Clinton, TheDCNF seeks the same records for former Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin and Advisor Jacob Sullivan.

Who want’s to bet that the answer is no? We just keep chipping and chipping away, as if we don’t have enough problems with Hillary already? Truly the worst candidate ever.

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