Are #BlackLivesMatter Rioters Looking for a Race War? [VIDEO]

Last night Milwaukee # BlackLivesMatter rioters were targeting white people for beat downs. In the following video you’ll hear rioters chanting “black power,” and then someone shouts, “Is they white?

Yeah, they white!  Yeah they white, get their ass!” And the mob runs toward the vehicle.

Local TV was forced to pull its reporters from the area because of threats from the mob.

At least the #BlackLivesMatter rioters in Milwaukee had a good reason for starting to burn their city down and for targeting whites.

“They don’t give us no money.”

#BlackLivesMatter is nothing more than a violent, domestic a group. The only thing they have to contribute to their cities is fire. Keep in mind that Barack Obama – and the Democratic Party – are strong supporters of #BlackLivesMatter and their goals.

Honestly, it looks to me like they want a race war.

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