#BlackLivesMatter is MIA for Black Lives That Really Matter [VIDEO]

There’s a long list of thugs that #BlackLivesMatter has been willing to march in the streets and burn cities for. Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin, Freddie Gray, the list just goes on and on. Felons all.

The latest outrage by the #BlackLivesMatter in Milwaukee, rioting and looting over a 23-year-old armed thug with a mile-long arrest record who was shot by a police officer running from the scene of a traffic stop.

Despite what #BlackLivesMatter says, their communities are better off with these thugs in the ground and walking the streets among decent people.

And then we have stories of black lives that actually do matter. Lives that could make a difference by improving their community.

6 lives 1

Lives that receive no national attention. Lives that won’t bring Barack Obama off the golf course. Lives that could never be “Barack Obama’s son.” Lives that #BlackLivesMatter don’t give a tinker’s damn about.

“He was in a safe spot, his home. This came to his home. So where else are you safe at if you are not safe where you sleep and wake up and eat. What can you do?”

Well, for starters you might want to stop depending on people like Barack Obama and #BlackLivesMatter.

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